Thy Kingdom Come!

Thy Kingdom Come!

It’s been a few months now since the reelection of Barak Obama to the presidency of the United States of America. Since that time it seems that the imagination and attention of us who live in this nation has been captured by one manufactured crisis after another. There is no clear path and many I talk to are despairing of the future.┬áIt may well be (even though I hope not) that the America we have known is quickly becoming something we will have a hard time recognizing in the years to come. We would do well to remember that our God is over all, nothing escapes His notice and His precious and magnificent promises are true and sure.

As people of God, our mandate is to follow Christ. Many people mean many things when they use those words. I believe Jesus wants each of us to connect with Him in a personal and profound way. He wants us to know Him, talk to Him and always to submit to Him. We can’t do this if we are pursuing our own desires. We must learn to put what He wants first. The kingdom of God exists whenever a child of God submits to the rule of God. If you want to enter that kingdom, you start by surrendering everything you have and everything you are and everything you hope for to Him. Then you present your body to Him as a living sacrifice. Considering what He’s done for you, this is the only reasonable course of action any human being should take.

At the time of the election, some German friends, Wolfgang and Merci Simpson, sent a couple of open letters to believers in the U.S. I have found these messages to be insightful and think that all Christians, not just American Christians would do well to seriously consider the thoughts they shared.

Perhaps you saw these letters when they first arrived. Now that we are a little further down the road I would encourage you to take another look. If you didn’t see them in November then dig in for the first time. Interact with the content… disagree and argue with it, this is how we learn and form convictions. Then share what you’ve found with others. It is time for the will of God to be done in and through His people! Amen!

Our Dear America (PDF)

Follow Up to Our Dear America (PDF)

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One thought on “Thy Kingdom Come!

  1. The Simpson’s have lovingly “told it like it is.” The grave danger of any church or collection of Christians in a wealthy nation is the intoxication of that wealth and the comfort that comes with it. We become like the church of Laodicea, focused on our own loftiness and autonomy, and not on the God, from Whom all good things come. We are neither the hot springs of healing to the sick, nor the cold, refreshing drink to the weary, but lukewarm syncretists who try to live both for God and the stuff we own (or want to own). There is a fundamental error in the way we view ourselves. Although our true identity is to be servants in the castle, we aspire to be Lord of the castle so we can gain all the rights, comforts, and autonomy that come with it. After all, we are a nation conceived in “rights.” Jesus set aside His rights and came to us as a servant, with no majestic appearance that we should be attracted to him. If we truly are followers of Jesus, may we also set aside any thought of rights to have stuff, be comfortable, and do whatever we want, but be intent and devoted to being obedient servants. Is that not what pleases our Lord?

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